Samsung and LG could launch foldable phones later this year

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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After showcasing concepts for several years, we might soon be able to buy actual foldable phones.According to The Korea Herald, Samsung and LG are planning to launch bendable phones later this year. Samsung has started working on this project and turns into 7-inch tablet in August. And rumors state that 100,000 units will roll out in third quater.

Publication states that Samsung will not face any problem in making this real as their old model has fold-in phone. But company is not 100% sure about releasing this device because of marketability and profitability issues.After Galaxy Note 7 disaster, the Korean conglomerate likely doesn’t want to take any chances.

Samsung has done well, for instance, with its Galaxy S7 Edge, which features a screen that wraps onto the side of the device.Sources states that Samsung will make a decision after a personnel reshuffle of its IT and mobile divisions.


Meanwhile, LG is also slated to come up with its own foldable phone, 100,000 in the fourth quarter.And LG probably has bigger chances to take over because it has been working on this fold-technology for two-three years.

Folding a device would give you a smaller, more portable package to carry around, and it could essentially double the size of your screen.

However, unlike Samsung — which plans to use its foldable tech into its own phone — LG may license its fold-out panels to the likes of Apple or Huawei. Either way, brace yourself for foldable technology in 2017


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