Samsung Space Monitor – You Can View It from Any Angle

by Sarah Forst

Samsung Space Monitor has a resolution of 3840 X 2160p (or 4K resolution). But along with this, it has no 144Hz advantages because it only latched at 60 fps. It also has a response time less than 4ms response along with the 144Hz FPs. My sound may look bad for this, but the monitor also not have the specific Frame Rate or Response Time.

Space Monitor of Samsung is a flexible one

This computer may not have specific features, but its main demanding feature is its adaptability so that it can easily tilt, and one can pull it towards himself. This computer is more common for creative purposes but not suitable for gaming needs. It has no touchscreen function, which is another downside. It all makes this monitor less demanding for creative types.

The Samsung Space Monitor has many other features like

The Clamp

This monitor does not have a stand like casual monitors; instead of this, it has a clamp. It proves more delightful aesthetically while sitting on a desk; its board can clamp.


This monitor can easily split into two parts of input because it allows Picture-by-Picture (PBP). This feature enhances productivity as compared to the other computers, which only have software Picture-in-Picture.

You can get one full input on the display of this monitor because this monitor also offers Picture-in-Picture as well. In addition to this, one can focus on a primary contribution by having a smaller “cutout” be the other input.

Space-Saving Design

This monitor is space-saving. It has no legs, so that is why it does not cover much of your space. It is the square shape and can fit in one place on your desk.

Another major drawback is its price. It has a high cost, and its prize is a typical $ 499.99. Samsung Space monitor is on sale at $389.99 on Amazon, which can have a much cheaper $500 price tag.

Buy Samsung Space Monitor $389

It is the monitor not for gaming, and it only focused on creative designs. It has no touchscreen, but its innovative feature masked all other things.

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