Samsung will launch Bixby 2.0

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AI assistant Bixby was initially released on April 21, 2017 by Samsung. There’s no doubt that Samsung work to improve Bixby from born, especially in the environment where all other companies are trying to trap customers with their own AI platforms. In February 2018, Samsung’s CEO confirmed the new version of the Bixby will be launched with the company’s second flag for 2018.

Today, Gray G. Lee, head of the AI Center under Samsung Research told Korea Herald that new flagship smartphone coming from his company, the Galaxy Note 9 will be coming with an improved version of Bixby.

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He added that the new version will offer enhanced features like enhanced natural language processing, enhanced noise resistance capability and faster response time.

Samsung is expected to expend its workforce that specializes in AI to up to 1,000, in order to improve Bixby performance. Bixby will undergo 14 million units of productions by the end of this year.

Samsung is going to launch its new Galaxy Note 9 in late August and the flagship is going to be showcased at IFA 2018 trade fair that will take place between August 31 and September 5.

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