Samsung will not release Galaxy S23 FE? – Insights from Experts

by Jack Prosser
Samsung Galaxy S23 Fan Edition

Samsung Galaxy S23 has been in the news for a while now, with rumors surrounding the release of their latest Fan Edition smartphone, the Galaxy S23 FE. However, the tech giant seems to have some bad news for its fans. According to a recent tweet by Roland Quandt, a prolific leakster, it doesn’t look like there will be an S23 FE this year or any other year, if not this one. This announcement has left Samsung fans disappointed and speculating about the future of the Fan Edition series.

Bad News for Consumers of Galaxy Fan Edition

Although there are conflicting reports on the existence and launch of this device, the uncertainty surrounding the release of the Galaxy S23 FE has raised questions about Samsung’s plans. For a while now, Samsung has been struggling to find its footing in the upper-mid-range and entry-level high-end smartphone market. With their flagship phones being some of the most expensive on the market, the Fan Edition series was  a more affordable alternative to the masses.

However, the two FE smartphone models that Samsung has launched to date were not as successful as the company hoped. The devices were marketed as ‘flagship killers,’ but Samsung would much rather have you buy last year’s flagship or an A-series mid-ranger instead of something like this. This perspective might explain why Samsung is hesitant to continue with the Fan Edition series.

Samsung’s Non Profitable Relationship with the Fan Edition Lineup

While Samsung’s plans for the Fan Edition series are unclear, some speculations exist about their upcoming releases. There are rumors that Samsung might skip the Galaxy A74 this year and release the Galaxy S23 FE instead. But with the recent news of the S23 FE’s cancellation, the future of the A74 is also up in the air. Another possibility is that Samsung might cancel both phones and focus on the Galaxy A54 and the base Galaxy S23 as their only upper-mid-range and entry-level high-end smartphones for 2023.

To understand the potential reasons behind Samsung’s decision, we spoke to industry expert, Abi Kolin. He believes that Samsung’s main concern is with profitability and that the company has been struggling to make a profit from the Fan Edition series. “Samsung might have seen the lackluster sales of the previous Fan Edition models and decided that it’s not worth investing in a new model,” said Smith. “They might also have realized that the cost of producing these phones is higher than they anticipated, and the profit margins are not as significant as they expected.”

While it’s disappointing news for Samsung fans eagerly anticipating the release of the Galaxy S23 FE, it’s important to remember that there are conflicting reports about the device’s launch.

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