Samsung’s new 4TB SSDs cheaper than ever

Samsung's new 4TB SSDs cheaper than ever

Samsung is planning to make 4TB QLC (quad-level cell – allows one cell to hold four bits of data) SSDs which will also include 1TB and 2TB variants at a cheaper price for everyone.

Samsung’s new 4TB SSDs cheaper than ever.

Samsung claims its focus is on delivering cost-effective and high performance by moving up to four bits per memory cell because it was hard to maintain performance and speed and the reason was an increase in density.

The company said that its QLC SSDs will improve efficiency for computing and storage where the 1TB four-bit V-NAND chip will enable an efficient way to productively produce 128GB memory cards for smartphones.

The new SSDs will offer 540MB per second sequential read speeds and 520MB per second sequential write speeds with TurboWrite technology.

Samsung will release four-bit consumer SSDs in the widely used 2.5-inch form factor later this year with a three-year warranty. Samsung hasn’t announced the price yet.