How to Send Money Anonymously Online? | 3 Ways Explained

by Murtaza Ahmed
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If you want to help someone with money online and do not want him to know about you or send money to someone for some reason being anonymous so you are at the right place, and today, I will show you some ways of sending money online anonymously.

1) Digital Currencieshow to send money anonymously

With the latest technologies being invented day by day, digital currencies or more known as cryptocurrencies, are one way of sending money anonymously online.

Popular cryptocurrencies used are:

  • Bitcoin most famous
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

By use of particular digital currency wallet, you can send anyone the digital currency anonymously, and later, he can sell it to get the cash or deposit in his bank.

Note: Digital currencies market value jumps up and down more frequently. So the recipient can either make a profit on it or loss if he wishes to use it later.

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2) Use Paypal

You may wonder how PayPal can be used to send money anonymously when your email appears when you send the payment.

So here the trick, send the money through a new account or with the email that the recipient will not recognize and bingo there you go anonymous to him.

I think using PayPal is the best choice as it is more widely used and super safe.

3) Use fundraising Sitesanonymous money transfer

This method is only for those who donate people who need help, not for personally sending someone money. Many fundraising websites let you help people while staying anonymous.

Some famous fundraising sites are:

These are a few ways you can utilize to send money online to anyone anonymously without tracking. If you know of any other, do share it in the comment section to get it featured on the list.

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Roland August 20, 2020 - 8:25 pm

How is PayPal anonymous when it shows your name to the recipient of the funds?


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