Shatterproof Display vs Gorilla Glass: Truth You Need to Know

by Adeel Younas
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shatterproof screen

A shatterproof display does not break into smithereens when it receives an impact, a dream come true for millions of users who have experienced a broken screen phone, right after dropping it on the hard surface.

These phones do feature Corning’s latest version of Gorilla Glass, the Gorilla Glass 5 and it is found on several flagship smartphones released in 2017.

The person has to endure in watching Gorilla Glass shatter; you’d probably think that having a shatterproof display presents a far better formula than Gorilla Glass 5 right? Well, that is true to an extent buy Motorola has managed to reveal their truth.

Shatterproof displays are shatter-resistant, but not against sharp subjects

In short, since it is mostly plastic that is protecting the mobile phone from a painful ending, the screen will remain unscathed, in a matter of speaking.


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If you’ve seen videos where reviewers do tests like hammer and knife and considering to test it on your phone, I suggest you better not try that. It is because instead of using tempered glass, Shatterproof displays utilize several layers of plastic attached to front side of the phone.

The Shatterproof displays are not even scratch proof because of its soft plastic and chemical composition. If you scratch it with nails or any other sharp thing, you will be looking at an irreparable mark on the screen.

If you have a phone with Shatterproof display, I would recommend to you that use a highly-quality and protective tempered glass screen protector.

The Gorilla Glass 5 can easily shatter when significant brute force is applied in the form of hammer beatdown; even the glass is extremely resistant. Gorilla Glass 5 can easily survive knives, keys, coins and your fingernails.

If applying a tempered glass screen protector is done to protect the phone’s display from cracking or shattering when dropped, then you would have wasted money on a decent-priced accessory since it would break all the same.

Are bulky smartphone cases a viable solution to give your phone increased protection?

The display the phone comes with having phone case which adds a little bit of bulk to it is always advantageous for the end user. Adding bulky smartphone cases may add additional protection to your device. However, it will also increase unnecessary volume and weight.

In most cases, when a smartphone is dropped the first thing to make contact with a surface is its edges. For the protection of camera at the back, the camera is protected with glass, to save it from scratches.

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