Should I Use the Berserker Ring in Final Fantasy XVI?

by Farrukh Moin Alvi

Final Fantasy XVI allows players to greatly customize Clive’s playstyle, and the Berserker Ring is one of the items that can significantly alter his performance. This accessory gives Clive access to a new technique, but it also has some disadvantages.

What exactly is the Berserker Ring?

Once the Renown mechanics have been unlocked, the Berserker Ring can be obtained in the game’s second half. Clive gains renown for each quest he completes, and once he has enough, he can speak with Desiree in the Hideaway to gain access to Patron’s Whisper. The Ring is only available once at 85 Renown.

Use the Berserker Ring

What is the role of the Berserker Ring?

The Berserker Ring modifies Clive’s Precision Dodge animation and grants him a brief burst of Limit Breaking.

This means that whenever Clive uses Precision Dodge, he will be able to use abilities that are normally restricted to Limit Break, such as the extended basic combo string, more powerful Lunge and Downthrust, and doubled magic attacks.

Use the Berserker Ring FF

The Ring, however, has a drawback. It allows Clive to use powerful attacks but prevents him from using Precision Counter and Precision Counter Shot.

These abilities are extremely useful for interfering with enemy attacks and establishing combos, so losing them can be a significant disadvantage.

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Should you use the Berserker Ring?

The Berserker Ring should be used depending on your playstyle. If you’re a more aggressive player who enjoys dealing a lot of damage, the Ring can be very useful.

If you’re a defensive player who likes to use Precision Counter and Precision Counter Shot, you should avoid the Ring.

It is ultimately up to you whether or not to use the Ring. Experiment with it to see how it feels in your particular playstyle.

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