Ultimate Sims 4 Cheat Code Guide: All Possibilities

by Shumail Ali

This guide provides a list of cheat codes for The Sims 4. Cheat codes can help speed up gameplay or test different scenarios. The guide is comprehensive and includes instructions on how to use the cheat codes.

Besides providing a list of cheat codes, this guide includes important details about using cheat codes. Such as how they can affect your game progress and achievements. Whether you’re a seasoned Sims 4 player looking for new ways to enhance your gaming experience. Or a newcomer who wants to learn the ropes. This guide to Sims 4 cheat codes will provide you with everything you need to know.

Regardless of how they’re used, cheat codes can help take your gameplay experience to the next level in The Sims 4!

Basic Cheats

1. Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Money makes the world go ’round, and it’s no different in The Sims 4. That’s why cheat codes like Motherlode and Rosebud are so popular among players.

Motherlode adds a whopping $50,000 to your household funds, while Rosebud gives you a more modest $1,000 boost. These cheats can be helpful if you’re trying to build your dream home. Or you want to give your Sims a nice buffer of cash to live off of.

Sims 4 Cheat Codes

2. No More Real Estate Woes

If saving up for the perfect lot or worrying about property prices exhaust you, FreeRealEstate On is the solution. This cheat makes all lots in the game free to buy. Which allows you to build a massive mansion without worrying about property taxes. But be careful not to go overboard, as space in your neighborhood is limited.

FreeRealEstate On SIMS 4 Cheat

Gameplay Cheats

1. Unlocking More Cheats with TestingCheatsEnabled True

testingcheatsenabled true” in The Sims 4 unlocks a plethora of new cheats. Once enabled, you can shift-click on objects or Sims to access new options. For example, you can click on a Sim and selectmodify in CAS” to enter Create-A-Sim and fully edit its appearance.

testingcheatsenabled true SIMS 4 Cheat

This cheat also allows players to change Sims traits and even alter relationships. It’s a powerful tool to create unique storylines or have fun experimenting.

2. Moving Objects Anywhere with bb.moveobjects on/off

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by The Sims 4’s placement restrictions. Especially when trying to create the perfect layout for your home? Enter bb.moveobjects. This cheat code allows players to move objects anywhere.

3. Want to place a couch in front of a window? No problem!

Just type “bb.moveobjects on” into the cheat console. Then grab your object and place it wherever your heart desires. When finished, type “bb.moveobjects off” to return placement restrictions to normal.

bb.moveobjects on SIMS 4 Cheat Code

4. Creating Unique Characters with cas.fulleditmode

Have you ever created a Sim only to realize later that their hair color doesn’t suit their personality? With cas.fulleditmode enabled, players have full editing capabilities. They have control over every aspect of their Sims’ appearance. That ranges from hairstyles and clothing down to facial features and makeup.

cas.fulleditmode SIMS 4 Cheat Code

Build/Buy Mode Cheats

1. Unlocking Everything

When building and designing your Sims’ homes, it can be frustrating to have a limited selection of items to choose from. This is where bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement comes in handy. By entering this cheat code into the console. All items in Build/Buy mode will become available for use. Even those that are normally locked until certain requirements are met.

bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement SIMS 4 Cheat Code

This means you can access everything from high-end appliances to rare paintings. Also, sculptures without having to waste time fulfilling special objectives. But beware: unlocking everything at once can make it difficult to find specific items in a sea of clutter.

It’s best practice to use this cheat sparingly, only when you need access to a particular item you wouldn’t normally have. Additionally, keep in mind that some unlocked items may not function properly or cause glitches in your game.

2. Revealing Hidden Objects with bb.showhiddenobjects

Sometimes the perfect decor piece or accessory is hiding. Just out of reach, scrolling through pages of Build/Buy mode items will not reveal it. That’s where bb.showhiddenobjects comes into play. Enabling this cheat code will make all hidden objects within the game available for use. Hidden objects can include anything from Easter eggs to hidden rooms. To basic household necessities like toilet paper rolls or trash cans.

bb.showhiddenobjects SIMS 4 Cheat Code

While some hidden objects may not serve many purposes. Beyond their novelty value, others can enhance gameplay. by providing unique interactions or fulfilling certain Sim needs more. Using build/buy cheats can make building your Sim’s dream home easier and more fun than ever before.

With bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement, you’ll never run out of options. And bb.showhiddenobjects can uncover hidden gems you didn’t even know existed. Happy building and decorating!

3. Skill and Career Cheats

One of the most challenging aspects of playing The Sims 4 is raising your Sim’s skills to advance in their career or hobbies. But, using cheat codes can make this process much easier. By entering “stats.set_skill_level [skill] [level]” in the cheat box. And replacing “[skill]” with the desired skill (e.g., logic, charisma, cooking). And “[level]” with the desired skill level (1-10), your Sim’s skill will instantly be set to that level.

stats.set_skill_level [skill] [level] SIMS 4 Cheat Code

This cheat can save players a lot of time and effort trying to grind through various activities to increase their Sim’s skills. For example, if you want your Sim to be an expert in painting. But don’t want to spend hours painting every day. You can enter “stats.set_skill_level Major_Painting 10” and voila!, they are now a master painter.

Another helpful skill-related cheat is “careers.promote [career]“. Where you replace “[career]” with the name of the career your Sim is currently in to promote them. This code can help players skip over lower-level jobs.

careers.promote [career] SIMS 4 Cheat Code

For example, if your Sim is working as a retail employee but you want them to become a business tycoon immediately. You can enter “careers.promote Business“. And they will jump up several levels in their career ladder. These cheats allow players to progress through their desired careers. Without wasting time doing tasks that may not interest them or that they find tedious.

Miscellaneous Cheats

1. HeadlineEffects and Fullscreen Cheats

The cheats mentioned in this section are not essential to gameplay. But they can be useful for players who want more control over their Sims 4 experience. The “headlineeffects” cheat is a simple but effective way to remove or display thought bubbles above Sims’ heads.

In the game, these bubbles can be distracting and sometimes even annoying. With this cheat, players can turn off the bubbles and focus on their tasks at hand.

To turn off thought bubbles, simply type “headlineeffects off” into the cheat console. To turn them back on again, type “headlineeffects on“.

headlineeffects SIMS 4 Cheat Code

Another helpful miscellaneous cheat is the “fullscreen” toggle. This cheat allows players to switch between full-screen and windowed modes.

Type “fullscreen on” into the console to enter full-screen mode. To exit full-screen mode, type “fullscreen off“. This may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a huge difference for players who prefer one mode over the other.

While these cheats may not impact gameplay as much as some of the others mentioned in this article. They still offer valuable options for players. By using these cheats in conjunction with others in the game’s extensive library of codes. Players can customize their Sims’ lives to suit their individual preferences and play styles.

Cheat codes in The Sims 4 can make gameplay enjoyable and less stressful. With basic cheats, you can add funds to your household and make all lots free to purchase.

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