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If you have been a huge fan of the Sims series, then you’re no doubt disappointed in Sims 4 and the regions it missed the mark on. You are probably excited about the chance of a successor that will return the show to the original spirit of the game. Many rumours are circulating about a possible Sims 5. We were hearing something about at E3 2018 this season, but EA let it pass without even a hint. Still, we are holding onto hope that we will see a Sims 5 after all, there is no way that EA is allowing the Sims series go, as it has been a cash cow for them throughout the years.

Why We Need A Sims 5

The Sims 4 is a fun game, but there are a couple of features which were left out that have ruined the experience for some fans, wishing EA had stuck into the center of the Sims 3. Usually, a Sims game starts around every five decades. During this period, expansions are provided for the present main Sims title, in this instance, The Sims 4. The Sims 4 started late in the year of 2014, meaning we should be due for a successor reasonably soon here, at least if we examine the release schedule of games that are a pass. Sims fans need something new and exciting since there were lots of great features in the Sims 4, expansions and a few features have been unsatisfactory.

When Will Sims 5 Release?

Like we mentioned, EA appears to launch Sims games every five decades or so. If we examine the launch schedule of the Sims 4, EA initially announced the game in May of 2013. It came out a bit over a year later in September of 2014. That’s significant time between announcement and the official release date, which is slightly worrisome since we’ve yet to hear an official statement from EA.

An EA executive tweeted (currently deleted) there wouldn’t be another Sims game launch unless Sims 4 was ineffective. Since the tweet was eliminated, we presume that was not the conventional ideas of EA. Having said that, if there’s to be another Sims game, we should hear a statement this season with an official launch planned for next year, which would be five years after The Sims 4 started.

What We Want To See In Sims 5

We are hoping to see some noteworthy improvements in the Sims 5. Among the most frustrating things about The Sims 4 has been the constant amount of loading displays it put you through. The Sims 5, we are excited about seeing an Open World-type view, where EA ditches the loading screen and places you in a single massive world which you can explore freely.

Another frustrating part of The Sims 4 has been the lack of replayability. EA dropped the ball, and expansions did little to bring players back to the match. We are also hoping that EA will bring back a few of the parenthood aspects to the Sims 5. EA took this from the game for The Sims 4 but brought it back for The Sims 4 on consoles. We’d love to see toddlers in the game!

Features To Expect In Sims 5

Understanding EA and the practices they have been employing as of late, there are a couple of exciting things that we can expect to see in the Sims 5. To begin with, we are hoping to find some the Sims 5 with a few mobile tie-ins to encourage players to download the Sims in their cell phone. You may need to finish a few tasks on mobile to unlock Sims attributes on the PC, or perhaps you could track the stats of your sims in real time in this manner.

We are also hoping to see a bevy of micro-transactions. This is how EA has been making their money, even after charging clients for complete games (a la Battlefront II). We are hoping that EA also decides to go ahead and add more character features to sims from the Sims 5. In The Sims 4, there were just four, but it goes without saying, we are in need of a good deal more than that in another game for improved customization.

What I Think

As you can see, a Sims 5 launch is not looking possible so far this season, especially after witnessing no announcement from EA in E3 2018. Still, fans and players can look forward to a statement later this year with a launch sometime next year, that’s if EA decides to follow its statement and launch programs of their Sims 3 and the Sims 4 to the Sims 5. The Sims 5 will be everything that the Sims 4 was not, but in the meantime, players will have the ability to enjoy some fantastic console upgrades to the Sims 4.

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