Skype adds Snapchat-like AI photo effects to its mobile app

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
Published: Last Updated on
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Apparently, Skype does not worry about competing Snapchat and trying to dominate market. The company has introduced the latest collection of Snapchatesque photo effects for its smartphone messaging apps along with face stickers, captions, filters and handy information just like weather updates.

All these effects utilize machine learning chops of Microsoft for the detection of your age and emotions, suggest text and regulating celebrity doppelganger as well.

Well, if you are currently not getting all of these effects, then you should wait for next few days to get them. It is not for the first time, the company has introduced such effects, previously, Microsoft introduced the AI-powered suggestions in its Sprinkles app.

According to expectations, they should be used more widely as they have been added to the main app now. But, the main question that arises is, will this help company in further improvements that can be made in Skype app.

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