Skype now lets you send money via PayPal

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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It can be expected that the latest redesign of Skype may be a basic source for much controversies, but it will not hinder Microsoft to develop new features.

From now, Skype will allow you to send and receive money via PayPal from your conversations.

As it is expected it should allow Skype to stand in competition with Facebook, which also allows payment via messenger.


Not to mention, Apple is also in a race to implement similar feature via Apple Pay in iOS 11. But, it might be a good step for Skype to join hands with PayPal, as Paypal is known to a large number of people around the world.

This is a good step taken by the company for helping businesses sessions held via Skype such as tutoring or singing lessons etc to collect their payment from client easily.

According to the reports, this feature is only available on mobile devices in 22 countries. If you want to access this feature then swipe right on your chat window and then tap “Send Money” button. You can also read more about in Skype’s documentation.


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