Snap could let users add songs to their disappearing messages

by Zeeshan Akram
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It is reported that Snapchat is willing to bring in music to its ephemeral messages. After that, users won’t have to resort to using loopholes and tricks.

According to reports, apparently, the company is planning to get broad rights to Universal Music Group’s catalogs, Warner Music Group’s and Sony Music Entertainment’s catalogs.

Basically, Snapchat is having song licenses one case by case basis only. If Snapchat is able to sign a deal with any music catalog, then you will be able to access numerous tracks at one place on Snaptchat.

Snapchat is bound to start negotiations with numerous music companies. Because its competitors have already introduced this music feature and gaining much popularity as well.

Apparently, the social media giant, Facebook has been signing license deals for introducing the latest features for its Stories.

The company will be introducing features for its main platform as well as Instagram. The Stories’ feature will be using background music.

Last year, its biggest competitor “TikTok” has introduced this feature with background music and named it as Lip Sync Live.

Recently, the social media platform introduced Stories feature with birthday songs such as Birthdayby.

However, the social media platform, Snapchat may take some time to introduce musical add-ons.

As of now, the social media platform does not have signed any deal with any other company. But, it is reported that Snapchat is in talks with companies for a licensing deal.

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