Snapchat adds another feature Facebook will copy

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Evan Spiegel

Right now, Snapchat is bad place and wee are not just talking about the incentive filters introduced previously. Presently, the users are loving the latest stories feature, therefore everybody from Medium to Bumble to Facebook is introducing the same feature to their platforms.

Therefore, Snapshot would have to do anything good to stay at top of competition against its rivals. For staying in the competition the company has just introduced its latest feature of the search tool for stories.

Previously, in January, the company has introduced the search bar feature. Now, the company has introduced the functionality for the search bar in which the users can be able to search for the cats and also videos of cats, for instance.


Well, if the users want to participate in the Story, then they can do so using add a Snap in Our Story. And then the Snapchat’s learning machine algorithm will sort the posts in the relevant feeds which users can easily look.

Due to the addition of search and recommendation app Vurb last year, this feature had been made available to all the users.

Today, the feature will be available in selective countries or cities and there is no report when the feature will be available globally.

Whatever may be the reason, the Facebook has already introduced stories like feature on its four platforms such as Facebook stories, Messenger Day, Instagram Stories and Whatsapp stories.

You can call this feature a new strategy for the company to stay on top of the competition against its rival.



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