Snapchat launches its first Lens that reacts to sound

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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You all may know that Snapchat is having few attractive and entertaining Lenses you can play with.

The Lenses includes body-tracking ones which follow you around all the time and the sky whale Lens utilizing sky segmentation technology.

Currently, the company has been able to introduce a Lens that has the ability to see things in front it as well as it can hear the sound produced by anyone near it.


This messaging has managed to reveal another entertaining Lens that can react to sound to its carousel.

Actually, this Lens is a cute animal face for your face along with ears that vibrate and glow and eyes that react to the sound it hears.

It is reported that in the coming weeks, the company has planned to introduce more similar Lenses that will have the ability to react to sounds they will hear. You can also check/test this latest lens by checking your carousel.


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