Snapchat’s new Lens Studio tools make AR creation easier

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Snapchat lens

It is reported that the Snapchat has teamed up with a handful of partners for creating new tools as well as new lenses for the Lens Studio, which will introduce a simpler process for designing AR effects.

One of its new partners is StudioMDHR, has developed run and gun indie video game Cuphead. The company has designed a new special Lens that pits you against Cuphead and Mugman in your snaps or they will shoot you out until it’s game over.

Snapchat has also designed an attractive and interactive path template that provides developer an easy process to draw their characters to life.


Previously, Game Studio Klei Entertainment has created the first Lens, which features a Chester from Don’t Starve using a new tool.

While using the Chester Lens, you can generate a path for the critter to develop simply by crawling a finger along the surface of your device. However, other developers will be able to provide the same effect to their lenses.

Moreover, Snapchat has been trying to integrate the Lens Studio with software company Allegorithmic’s 3D paint and texture program Substance Painter for allowing the developers to switch from one to other more easier.

Through the introduction of all these exciting features, Snapchat has been showing that the company is much devoted to ramping up its AR efforts.

The company wants to have more lenses for its app, possibly they will be able to attract more users, who can spend more time on the platform.


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