Sony LinkBuds have a new intriguing design that lets the rest of the world in

by Ijlala Maqbool
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Sony LinkBuds have a new intriguing design that lets the rest of the world in Image Name

Sony has just released its LinkBuds TWS earbuds, which have an intriguing design. The one-of-a-kind open ring solution promises to keep you comfortable all day. They also claim a premium audio experience, a slew of smarts, and a reasonable price.

The earbuds also enhance Spotify control, allowing users to play their favorite music without touching their smartphone.

The “Never Off” wearing experience refers to the fact that the buds are ultra-light, while the ring driver unit allows you to easily communicate with those around you while gaming, working from home, or simply listening to music.

The LinkBuds continue to support in-call noise cancellation, allowing you to place phone calls over them with minimal distractions.

Sony included an in-house Integrated Processor V1, and the 12mm ring driver should deliver a rich, well-balanced sound. There’s also Adaptive Volume Control, which adjusts volume based on the environment.

Wide Area Tap, a new feature, promises to make gestures easier. Speak-to-Chat will automatically pause music when the LinkBuds detect you are speaking to someone, and music will resume playing once the conversation is complete. Google Assistant and Alexa are also supported.

Sony also boasted that the LinkBuds were designed with the environment in mind. The buds and the charging case are made of recycled plastic, and the packaging contains no plastic at all.

There is IPX4 protection and a 5.5-hour battery life per charge, with the case itself holding an additional 12 hours of charge. Fast charging provides 90 minutes of playtime in just 10 minutes.

This month, Sony will begin selling LinkBuds in black and white. The cost is €180/£150.

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