Sony Quietly Stolen This Useful Feature from Xbox

by Sarah Forst
SONY PS5 Update

The battle between the gaming consoles, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, has been ongoing for years. While PlayStation is leading in popularity, Xbox has some features that are unique and sought-after. Both consoles have 8-core AMD CPUs, but the Xbox Series X has a slight edge over the PS5 in clock speed. The Xbox runs at a clock speed of 3.8 GHz, while the PS5 runs at 3.5 GHz.

Sony Quietly Adopts Xbox’s Winning Feature

However, we are not here to compare the two consoles. Instead, we are going to focus on a new feature in the PS5, copied from the Xbox. This feature was previously exclusive to Xbox until a recent PS5 software update.

According to Twitter user Wario64, the recent PlayStation 5 software update has quietly added a new functionality related to game discs. This new feature allows you to play digital games with the data installed from a disc. In other words, if you first installed the game using a disc, and later purchased the digital version online. You can still play the game with the game data from the disc. This means that you don’t have to download the entire game files again.

While this may seem like a small feature, it is incredibly useful. It saves time and internet data bundles, especially when the disc version is not compatible with the digital version. Furthermore, this feature allows users to borrow a disc from a friend and install the game files before purchasing the digital version online.

The news of this update was met with excitement from PS5 fans, who took to social media to express their joy.

One fan, in particular, expressed their delight at the update, noting that it was a significant quality-of-life improvement that they had enjoyed on Xbox. They were thrilled to see it finally coming to PS5. Another user shared their experience, mentioning how frustrating it was to redownload everything on a slow connection when encountering the issue.

Source: Gamebible

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