Sony to reveal its First Electric SUV This Year

by Ijlala Maqbool

The Japanese electronics giant revealed its second battery-powered vehicle concept, the new version inclusion-S 02 SUV, at CES 2022. But that is not the only EV-related news the company brought to the trade show: It’s also starting a mobility division.
The Vision-S 02 is hopefully a prototype, but it already looks production-ready. The compact SUV looks similar in shape and size to Tesla Model Y.

It does feature a more sculpted body. Those trimmings, along with a bold lighting package, two-tone color strategy, and aerodynamic 20-inch wheels, provide the vehicle with a lot more qualities than you’d hope from a company best famous for its TVs and audio equipment.

Inside, you’ll find a vast dashboard-spanning infotainment screen upfront, just like in its predecessor, the Vision-S 01 sedan. It looks like it is made up of three separate displays, unlike Mercedes-Benz’s seamless MBUX Hyperscreen, but it is still pretty nifty. Even more fascinating, though, is multiple seat configurations in the rear. You can either go with the four-person setup, which features two large captain seats in the end, or the seven-person setup, which features two chairs and a rear bench for three in the cargo area. That’s a lot of seating for a relatively compact vehicle.

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