Sony Xperia flagships have been chosen as the official smartphones for the 2022 tournaments by PUBG Mobile Esports

by Ijlala Maqbool
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Sony Xperia is the official smartphone partner for the PUBG Mobile global tournaments in 2022.Sony will provide its flagships to professional players all over the world for the upcoming competitions. This year, more tournaments will be held in more regions, giving more people the chance to compete. There will be two major events: the PUBG Mobile Global Championship in 2022 and a tournament in the middle of the year. James Yang (Director of PUBG Mobile Global E-sports) said: “The player experience is always of a top priority for PUBG MOBILE E-sports so it felt natural and confident to enter a partnership with Sony’s Xperia™. We look forward to seeing our players showcasing an even stronger performance with their Xperia flagship series at our global tournaments this year.” You might not think of the Sony Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III as gaming phones, but Sony made a concerted effort to make them so. Since the Mark II generation, the engineers have been consulting with professional players. They even went so far as to record the players’ finger movements and replicate them with a robot to help them fine-tune the display. Then there’s the “L- raiser,” which brightens the shadows (without obscuring the rest of the image) to make it easier to spot enemies hiding in the dark. It will be interesting to see if the tournament rules permit the use of this feature, as well as Sony’s other game tweaks.

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