Spotify might let users build and listen to playlists together


It is reported that Spotify is planning to work on a “Social Listening” feature. This feature will allow multiple users to have control of playlist from different devices.

Through this feature, they will be able to enjoy numerous songs in real-time. Apparently, the company has not introduced the added compatibilities.

However, a researcher Jane Manchun Wong has just pointed out a prototype and shared images on Twitter.

Previously, she has leaked all other updates on that Twitter account. The group DJ feature works just like and the

Therefore, multiple users will be able to allow users to enjoy the same song while they collaborate on a playlist if they are located near to one another.


This not for the first time, the company has allowed friends to listen to songs together.

In the last year, the company collaborated with a well-known gaming chat app Discord for allowing entire channels to listen to the same music.

According to the company’ spokesperson: “We’re always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time.”

It is expected that this feature will make a debut somewhere in mid of summers.

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