Starlink achieved 200Mbps While Traveling at 100Km/h

by Adeel Younas
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Starlink, the satellite internet company, has achieved impressive internet speed while traveling at 100km/h. Starlink plans to offer fast internet connectivity worldwide with low earth orbit satellites. An Australian Twitter user who tested their service attached the Starlink dish to a Tesla Model X. The download speed he managed to achieve was mind-boggling.

Starlink restricts and locks internet coverage on user-specified addresses for the time being. Harald wanted to find the range of Satlink internet for his Dish and internet speed simultaneously.

The Herald shared his test results on Twitter, which has gotten massive internet traction. The test reveals that even when moving at high speed, the internet service of the Start link stays much more stable, with a maximum downloading speed of up to 200 mbps.

according to Harold, his first-generation Starlink dish was able to achieve a download speed of 200 Mbps when his car traveled at 100 km/h. To prevent the user’s terminal from being damaged or lost at such high rates, he ensured that it was securely attached to the Model X via a custom mount bolted to the vehicle’s rear. The statement can be verified by looking at the images he shared.

Australian users could also test the maximum range of their dishes. Due to the limited number of satellites in orbit, Starlink is currently “locking” Internet connections to areas around your registered address. This allows the service to prevent the satellite from being overwhelmed and monitor coverage early in the service’s deployment.

The maximum range he was allowed by Starlink to travel with no limitations was 40.73km. “As Harald explained in his tweet, it was up to 30 km (km) from his house. However, beyond 30 km, tests have shown that performance begins to decline, and the vehicle travels an additional 10 km before the Starlink dish fails.

Starlink-Highway-Test-Distance-2021 December

It’s not only the 200Mbps download speed that Herald managed to achieve that excites me as a tech enthusiast, but relatively the 17Mbps upload speed at the 100km/h speed of Tesla Model X. ‘

Replying to the Herald, Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, stated, “A lot of improvement is still coming just from software updates to satellites and terminals.”

Herald further added, “It’s (loosely) tied to your location, not your address.” This is only temporary since it dramatically simplifies the current system. @elonmusk has already stated that dishes will be able to roam freely shortly as @SpaceX implement the required and highly complex roaming framework.

Several factors affect Starlink’s performance depending on the location you’re using it, the number of satellites operational in that area, and several users on the network. Starlink has achieved up to 370Mbps speed At 9,300 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA.

In a recent Tweet, Musk replied to a user when he frustratedly asked a question related to the internet in flights “With Starlink, you could stream video & play online games.”

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