Starlink’s Speed Surprises World with 638Mbps in Germany

by Adeel Younas
Startlink Internet Speed in Germany

SpaceX’s Starlink has captured the world’s attention in past few years. I personally am fan of their internet. Starlink has attracted millions of users who want to experience lightning-fast internet connectivity. The initial surge in demand, however, presented challenges for SpaceX. That resulted in performance issues in areas with high user concentration. Recent internet tests in Germany have once again demonstrated its remarkable capabilities.

Germany: A Starlink Perfect Location

A Reddit user from rural Germany shared their Starlink experience. Due to reduced congestion and strategic satellite placement in Germany, Starlink has produced impressive results. SpaceX is expanding its satellite constellation. The uneven distribution of satellites has resulted in faster speeds in some areas.

Earlier, reports of Starlink download speeds exceeding 500 Mbps in Germany surfaced. Users in Kassel and Munich sharing their impressive test results. A Reddit user from Kassel posted three separate speed tests in 2021. He recorded speeds exceeding 500 Mbps, with peak at 560 Mbps.

Following that, a German user reported achieving a download speed of 250 Mbps during midday. It is a time when network congestion is peak. Yet, this record was surpassed by a user from Munich, who took to Twitter to announce download speeds of 649 Mbps.

It is worth upload speed decreased during the second test. While the first run achieved an upload speed of 208 Mbps, the second run saw a slight decrease to 177 Mbps.

Starlink’s exceptional performance in Germany can be attributed to its satellites’ strategic positioning. According to Ookla’s download test data, the median download speed in Germany is approximately 94 Mbps as of Q4 2022. Furthermore, Ookla reports a 13% annual decrease in speed, indicating the impact of network congestion.

A reddit user with name DankSquared2 conducted tests after relocating to rural Germany. The first test produced a staggering download speed of 562 Mbps. In the second test download speed skyrocketed to 638 Mbps, close to the limit.

News Source: Reddit

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