Starlink speeds up downloads for US users hitting 288 Mbps speeds!

by Adeel Younas
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According to a recent report from Starlink users, speeds on SpaceX’s Starlink internet service have started to pick up again. After hovering around the 311 Mbps mark for a few hours, many users are now averaging download speeds of 280 Mbps. This is good news for SpaceX, as users continue to blaze past the 280 Mbps mark.

This uptick in speed is likely due to more satellites now being in orbit. With more satellites comes more capacity, meaning users can get faster speeds. In addition, SpaceX has been busy making improvements to its ground infrastructure. This includes expanding its network of teleport stations and building new satellite gateways.

All these improvements are helping to make Starlink one of the fastest internet services in the United States. And with plans to launch even more satellites shortly, it looks like Starlink will only get faster.

A Starlink customer in South Mississippi was relieved that download speeds had increased to 190 Mbps. GetOffMyGrassBrats claims that the most recent speed test was the fastest since March 2020. (255 Mbps). The same individual reported download rates of 50 Mbps off-peak and 20-30 Mbps peak in earlier posts.

GetOffMyGrassBrats has members from all around the country. Since the end of the week, a customer in South Georgia has achieved download speeds of 200 Mbps off-peak and peak speeds of 80 Mbps. A Starlink subscriber in faraway Wyoming posted the day’s fastest download speed. While their “average” download speed was 180 Mbps, they reached 311 Mbps.

According to Reddit users, download speeds are significantly faster than in the past. In some cases, they are even faster than what is available in other countries. This is excellent news for those who rely on the internet for work or entertainment.

It will be interesting to see if these positive changes continue in the coming months. In the meantime, check your internet speed and see how it compares to what is available in other countries.

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