Steam Content File Locked : 4 Methods to Easy Fix

by Murtaza Ahmed

Gamers who usually play a game that is on steam may face Steam content file locked error while updating steam or even a game in steam. It is a common error and faced by many steam users that are the reason pushed me to make this fix. Below, you can find several ways that will help .

I guarantee if your not a pro windows user you can still follow the fixes shown below.

How this error occurs?

This error can occur due to a bad system image, some software interruption or maybe due to some limitation of permissions by windows.

Method 1: Reset Winsock

Steam content file error can also be caused due to the winshock update failure, there is a possible solution for this problem. To solve this error you have to reset Winsock by following the steps below:

Step-1: Hit the Win+R key to bring up the Run window.

Step-2: Paste this code in it: netsh winshock resethow to fix Steam Content File Locked

Step-3: Restart your computer and check if the steam content file locked problem is solved.

If this method didn’t work then also follow you should try the below-mentioned methods they might work for you.

Method 2: Add Steam Antivirus Exception

The default storage location for Steam is (C:\Program Files\Steam). If you installed Steam into any other directory, you can also browse it using File Explorer software. Sometimes when companies update their antivirus software, the antivirus software can mess up your softwares.

To stop antivirus software to stop the interruption and solve the steam content file locked error. You just have to add the steam and the particular game as an exception in the steam antivirus software. This way the anti-virus would not interrupt the steam.

Method 3: Run a Check Disk Scan

Steam content file locked error can be caused by the hard disk bad sectors which may be resolved by running a chk disk scan in windows.

To run this scan do as follows:

Step-1: Hit Win+R key, The run window will popup type cmd and hit enter.

Step-2: Type this code in the command prompt: chkdsk c: /f and hit enter.

chkdsk c fix steam lock

Step-3: You will be asked to confirm the scan scheduling type to confirm it.

Step-4: Wait for it to complete then restart your computer.

Once restart try opening steam hopefully it will work and you’ll no longer have the problem of a steam content file locked.

Method 4: Relocate Steam Installation and Game Files

If none of the above-explained methods worked then the last for you is to uninstall and reinstall the steam software and your game.

uninstall steam and reinstall

We hope our fix guide helped you to fix the steam error content file locked. Comment down below if you have any questions regarding this and we will respond to you.

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