Super Mario Run Available on Android

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Mario, a famous video game franchise of Nintendo, has been released and now available to the android market. Super Mario Run is the first ever game by the company. Previously, the game was available on iOS and now it is going to be a part of Play Store.

On Android, the game is free to play for every android user and it’s already free for iOS users. The game is free until the first four level or worlds, after which the users will have to pay $9.99 for unlocking the rest of the level.

Well, something went wrong with the world’s famous game as the downloads get slower after the official release of the game on iOS.Nearly, 78 million times the games were downloaded on Android and almost 5% of the 78 million downloads bought the premium version of the game.


The game has been somewhat succeeded for scrolling nature from the original. Due to the introduction of autorun feature, the learning curve for the new users has been reduced.

Unexpectedly, the company is also considering occasion for releasing its famous game, Super Mario Run 2.0 on iOS. The update comes with few new characters along with the free content for users to play.

The first 4 locked courses can be opened completing browser’s challenge and after completing them you will be able to see new courses on Toad Rally. The Toad Rally will be having the new buildings as well as colored Yoshis. It will also consist of revamps for the Easy Mode and Tutorial.

The update will be having bug fixes and Android users can be able to enjoy the version 2.0, however, iOS users need to download the version again. Android users click here to enjoy the game on Google Play Store, and the iOS users can find the game here.


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