TCL Unveils 4 New 8K Gaming Monitors with Curved Screen and OLED Dome

by Ijlala Maqbool
TCL Unveils 4 New 8K Gaming Monitors

Wuhan, China, became the global nexus of display innovation on December 10, 2023, as TCL revealed its latest foray into next-gen display technology during the Global Display Tech-ecosystem Conference. The company announced an array of cutting-edge displays, each promising to stretch the capabilities of current visual tech.

TCL introduces a mega PC gaming monitor lineup, featuring a 27-inch 8K display, a 65-inch 8K 120Hz OLED screen, and a 57-inch 8K 240Hz monitor

TCL, known for its progressive strides in electronic display technology, presented a lineup that featured several world-firsts in OLED and Mini-LED displays:

27-Inch 8K 2D/3D Adjustable Light Zone Monitor With Eye Tracking

Their 27-Inch 8K Monitor offers adjustable light zones for different viewing modes and embedded eye-tracking technology.


31-Inch 4K 120Hz OELD Monitor With Dome-Shape Design

The 31-Inch 4K OLED Dome Display is designed for an all-around viewing experience, enveloping the viewer in visual content.

TCL 31-Inch 4K 120Hz OELD Monitor

57-Inch DUHD 240Hz Mini LED 1000R Curved Monitor (With 11000+ Light Zones)

The 57-Inch Curved Mini-LED Display promises over 11,000 light zones and a refresh rate of 240Hz, setting a new standard for fluid motion and depth.

57-Inch DUHD 240Hz Mini LED 1000R Curved Monitor

The World’s First 65″ 8K 120Hz IJP OLED Curved Monitor

The 65-Inch 8K 120Hz IJP OLED Curved Monitor stands out with its 33 million pixels. It has rapid refresh rates, premiering an enhanced 1800R curvature for immersion.

TCL Unveils 4 New 8K Gaming Monitors

TCL’s Next-Gen Displays

Display Product Resolution Refresh Rate Special Feature
65-Inch 8K OLED Curved Monitor 8K 120Hz IJP OLED technology, Enhanced curvature
27-Inch 8K Monitor 8K N/A Adjustable light zones, Eye-tracking
57-Inch Curved Mini-LED Display DUHD 240Hz Over 11,000 light zones
31-Inch 4K OLED Dome Display 4K N/A Dome-shaped design for immersive view

Real-time AI Integration

TCL’s displays will now include “X-intelligence,” integrating real-time artificial intelligence functionalities. This AI capability enhances interactivity, offering natural language processing, and knowledge reasoning suitable for consumer as well as industrial applications.

I am eager to get sneak peak of these new TCL displays and most likely I will be covering these in a video on our YouTube.

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