Tecno debuts its Chameleon Coloring Technology at MWC: Allows 1600 Back Colors

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Chameleon Coloring Technology

TECNO’s leading global technology company debuted its Mobile World Congress 2023 by showcasing its most ground-breaking innovation: chameleon coloring technology. This ground-breaking technology can change a device’s back cover to completely different colors based on user customization or usage. With this feature, users have options to not stick to a single-color option, and they can express their style and personality.

The Chameleon Coloring Technology

The chameleon coloring technology – or – full-spectrum electrically controlled prism coloring technology, is a unique material that allows for a continuous change of colors up to 2 million times with rapid color changing in just 0.03 seconds. Customers in Pakistan love and trust TECNO because of its dedication to offering cutting-edge technologies that meet various consumer needs.

The newest invention from TECNO

The chameleon coloring technology is another example of TECNO’s dedication to offering unique, cutting-edge technologies that meet consumer needs. With 1600 colors available, it is the first technology to provide full spectrum color rendering. It is also the first in the sector to be fully compatible with a smartphone device.

How can it change the Industry?

We are thrilled to announce this amazing technology. The chameleon coloring technology is a major step up from our previous color-changing technologies as it provides infinitely more options for color customization. We believe that this technology will cater to the diverse needs of our consumers and will provide them with a unique and personalized mobile phone experience.

Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Pakistan

Customizable Experience

The newest technology from TECNO allows users to completely customize their device with a wide range of colors and change it whenever they’d like. For those who don’t have the time to think about their personal color choices, chameleon coloring technology will work directly with the device, generating impulsive and active color schemes based on the battery life, the running apps, the temperature of the environment, the music being played, etc.

As a result, the user always sees new and distinctive coloring and features, as the camera can even interact with the device’s exterior design.

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