Tecno Spark 6 Review – A Perfect Affordable Choice?

by Adeel Younas
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Tecno is taking our lower-end smartphone segment with phones like Spark 6. It is an all-in-one device for gamers and battery enthusiasts in the lower-end segment. Enough of the praising; let’s find out more in our Review.


We got Ocean Blue as a review unit, and as far as its build quality is concerned in this price range phone is providing a decent build. The frame and body are made up of Plastic material, which is tough. The back of the smartphone houses a quad circular camera setup with an LED flash. You’ll find a fingerprint scanner (which is quick in its operations).

Even though it is made of plastic material yet, the back provides a feeling or at least the look of a glass finish. We were able to get a glimpse of ocean waves or layers. The shade of Blue is color is lighter on the head while it’s a bit darker on the bottom.

The right side houses the power button with volume rockers, and the buttons are a bit clicky, and that’s to be expected for sure. Because of its 6.8″ large screen size, the phone feels a bit bulky, and to reach the volume rockers, you’ll have to shift your hand toward the right side of the phone.

The phone’s left edge carries a SIM/card tray that has a dedicated MicroSD card slot, which is useful for consumers of the phone.

The bottom of the phone houses microphone with micro-USB-cable right along with a 3.5mm headphone jack.


The 6.8 inches display comes with a punch-hole cut on the top left corner with an 83.2% screen to body ratio, and the quality of the display and brightness are reasonably good. I personally prefer smartphones with at least a 1080 resolution display, but Spark 6 has a 720 x 1640 pixels FHD panel. The brightness of the display great at 480 nits. The viewing angle of the display while watching media with friends is also a great feature to have.


Mediatek Helio G70, a 12nm chipset, is the performance powerhouse of Spark 6 coupled with 4GBs of RAM. Is Tecno Spark 6 good for gaming? The short answer is yes. You can play games like PUBG Mobile at HD graphics settings on High frames. We noticed some stutter while gaming. However, my recommendation to get optimal performance is to play on Balanced settings at Ultra frames. I also have a similar opinion to run Call of Duty on this phone. The hardware of spark 6 presents good value.


Tecno’s custom Android 10 skin goes by the HiOS moniker. The Spark 6, in particular, is running the latest version 7. The branch is on seems to be quite active since we actually got one update packages during the span of a week or so.

However, from a consumer standpoint, this is a less-than-ideal setup since HiOS is the heaviest and busiest skins. On the one hand, it comes chock-full of extra features, which you may or may not appreciate. Spark 6 has a ludicrous amount of pre-loaded applications. On the other hand, there are advertisements all over the place. Even the app drawer itself features a row of app ads at the top. We are fairly certain that this heavy-handed ad strategy is meant to help subsidize phones as much as possible and bring down the upfront cost to the end-user. We can respect that. It’s an inferior user experience overall. Once HiOS 7 gets properly decluttered, it does become noticeably more usable, though.

Versatile quad-camera setup

First up, we have a 16 MP sensor that acts as a primary sensor to capture shots. The second camera on the hand is a 2MP macro lens, and the third one is a 2MP depth sensor, and the last one is QVGA.

Shots are soft and very grainy. And it’s not just uniform areas, like the sky or grass, that is suffering. The issue is visible throughout the frame. The detail in finer patterns is frequently lost. At the same time, the algorithm sometimes makes up some non-existent geometrical shapes of its own. The dynamic range is a bit narrow, too. Colors are a bit more desaturated than what we would have liked to see. The sharpening algorithm is noticeably more heavy-handed, in comparison, and even more, details tend to get lost in the shadows. HDR does have some positive effects on the main camera, recovering crushed details in the shadows. However, Auto HDR is not consistent enough and doesn’t always kick-in when needed. Here are some shots from the main camera, with HDR forced to OFF.

The front punch hole carries an 8 MP sensor that can capture good shots but struggles in portraits.

Battery Life

Tecno Spark 6 is equipped with a pretty sizeable 5000 mAh battery with the support of 18W charging. The battery life of the smartphone is great. It can last a full day while you enjoy playing games and watching media. The charger can charge it up to 50% in a 1hour and 20 min and 100% in 2 hours 45mins. If you’d like to charge the battery during the night, you’ve got to face no problem. However, consumers who’d like to charge it in an emergency will surely have to face a slow charging problem.

Watch Unboxing of Spark 5 and Gaming Test If You’re Interested


It is pretty easy for me to recommend Spark 6 to consumers because of its performance and battery life. So if you play many games, the Tecno Spark 6 is a good phone at this price to go for.

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