TECNO to Launch Spark 8C with 90Hz Display and 4GB RAM

by Wajeeha Qureshi

It has been reported that TECNO Mobile is said to be planning to expand its Spark line in Pakistan after massive success in the country.

TECNO Spark 8C with 90Hz Display and 4GB RAM Coming Soon!

The Spark 8C series is TECNO’s mid-range collection of smartphones, showcasing vibrant performance at prices more affordable than you’d expect. The series’ entry-level device, the Spark 8C, is expected to sell for between PKR 19,499 and PKR 22,999 in price.

It will also have enhanced memory and storage features than any other model of phone in its price range. Memory Fusion Technology is specially developed to reallocate unused read-only memory (ROM) to RAM.

This means you can expand the memory of 4+128 GB to 7+128 GB and that of 3+64 GB to 6+64 GB maximum. The RAM can be updated or expanded from 3GB to 6 GB and 4GB to 7 GB depending on your chosen model. If this is the case, then Spark 8C will be the only model with such an exceptional feature without having to spend too much money.

Moreover, the phone is expected to provide effective performance with a strong processor and high-capacity battery. The 90Hz refresh rate, crisp display, and convenient shape will make it a user-friendly gadget. The phone is set to launch in the early months of 2022. Furthermore, the phone is being made in Pakistan so that it will be cost-effective and budget-conscious to the local consumer.

The phone is expected to launch somewhere in mid-March 2022. So, fingers crossed for this new Spark device to be soon launched in Pakistan. Stay tuned for more updates and information.

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