Telegram Blocked in Pakistan?


Telegram, one of the popular chatting app has been facing issues in Pakistan. The chatting app is famous for its privacy-first focus, less use of resources, an enormous feature list and is having hundreds of millions of active users.

Over the past few year, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has also copied a lot of features that were originally introduced in Telegram. The young generation of the company has been utilizing it.

Almost a month ago, the users across the country have been complaining about the app, the issue was about connection problem, due to which users in Pakistan cant be able to connect with their apps.

According to the reports, initially, the users started complaining problems in its web versions. According to few users, they have tackled this problem using VPN, which suggests that firewall may be the main reason behind it.

At Downdetector,  a website that oversees the downtime of popular Internet-based services, Pakistani users expressed the entire situation as follows:

Downdetector 1

Downdetector 3

Hundreds of Pakistanis have been commenting at Downdetector and a lot of them has been posting their reviews on Twitter too, here are the screenshots of comments:

Downdetector 2

As from the reports, most of the complaints have been suggesting that the issue is related to PTCL users only. According to experts, PTCL might have unintentionally blocked some of the popular apps. It is expected that concerned authorities might look into the matter and restarts the suspended services.