Telegram loses appeal over encryption keys in Russia

You may all know about the dispute between Russia and Telegram, which is becoming more popular day by day and today Telegram faced a blow.

The Telegram has been trying to prevent the Federal Security Service (FSB, the successor of the KGB) from accessing any type of user data from its platform. According to an unknown source, Telegram has lost its case in Russian Supreme Court against Russia.

In the previous year, the FSB has asked Telegram about the encryption keys through which the agency will be able to see the message that was sent and received through the messaging service.

According to Russia, the app was being used by the terrorist to plan the terror attacks in the country and the request was in the name of national security.

Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov has been refusing again and again for giving user data that could compromise user’s security although users have registered the app with the Russian government.

In court, the FSB has argued that holding the encryption key of user’s data doesnot actually belongs to the breach of user’s data. Therefore, the organization can claim the order of court for collecting data of any user on Telegram.

However, Telgram plans to appeal the desision of Supreme Court, which means this case is still alive. But, it Telegram looses again then the servie may get banned from the country or it will have to py a huge fine instead.

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