Telenor Advance Code | How to Get Telenor Loan?

Telenor Advance Balance Code
Telenor Advance Balance Code

Telenor Advance Balance is a service provided by Telenor through use of Telenor loan code, once their account has no/inefficient balance for the purpose of services like Voice Call, SMS.  This service can help users in emergencies when they are out of balance and have to make a call or send SMS.

 Telenor Advance Code and Telenor Loan Code

The answer to how to get a loan through Telenor loan code is Simply dialling *0# and get Rs. 15 Telenor advance balance. Through Telenor Emergency Load service provided by Telenor, Its customers can get Rs. 15/- Loan. All Consumers of Telenor including Telenor and dJuice can avail Telenor Advance Load Through Telenor Advance Code. Here’s How to Get Telenor Loan:

Telenor Loan Code
Charges Subscribe
PAYG Rs. 3.5 incl. Tax *0#

Terms & Conditions:

  1. If already taken a loan, you cannot opt for another loan until you recharge and return the current loan along with service charges
  2. There is no restriction on having a minimum balance to avail Emergency load service, having cleared all previous loan requests
  3. An emergency loan will deduct upon first successful recharge, Rs. 15 + Rs. 3.5 incl. A tax service fee will also deduct from recharge.
  4. For Prepaid subscribers only

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