Tesla’s Magic Dock Leak: EV Charging Equity or Monopoly?

by Jack Prosser
Tesla Magic Dock CCS Compatibility

Tesla will let other EVs that use the global CCS standard use its Supercharger network. This move comes after Tesla released its charging system, called the North American Charging System, to the public (NACS). The combined NACS/CCS Supercharger stations, called “Magic Docks,” have a detachable CCS adapter on the standard connector so that both Tesla and non-Tesla EVs can charge from the same stall.

Tesla’s Magic Dock CCS Adapter Leak: A Step Towards Inclusivity, but at What Cost?

Reports say that the Magic Dock Superchargers were supposed to be put in place last year, but the process is still going on. A Supercharger station in Hawthorne, California, was recently listed in the mobile app as being “CCS compatible” and showing a picture of a Magic Dock. This suggests that the station is being used to test the new system and pilot it.

Tesla also plans to offer non-Tesla owners a pay-as-you-go option and a monthly Supercharger plan. This is a good step toward making EV charging easier and more accessible.

With the first US Magic Dock station leak and the appearance of a filter for Supercharger stalls with CCS compatibility, it may soon be clear if that monthly plan price was a mistake or just a placeholder. In Europe, the subscription plan for cars that aren’t Teslas is more expensive, and the price per kWh is almost twice as much as what Tesla owners pay. This means that the monthly plan price for people in the US who don’t own a Tesla may also be different.

What does “CCS Compatibility” mean on a V3 Supercharger?


CCS compatibility means that a charging station or connector can work with electric cars that use the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard. CCS is a standard that is widely used to charge electric cars, especially in Europe and North America. It combines the charging abilities of two existing systems into one connector: Level 2 AC charging and Level 3 DC fast charging.

This means that electric cars can be charged faster and more efficiently. So, when you see “CCS Compatibility” on a V3 Supercharger, it means that the Supercharger station has a CCS connector and can charge vehicles that use the CCS charging system.

Adeel Younas, an EV enthusiast, believes this move will significantly benefit EV owners and help grow the EV market. He said, “Tesla’s decision to open its Supercharger network to other EVs is a great step towards making EV charging more accessible and convenient for all. This will greatly benefit EV owners and help in the growth of the EV market.”

Tesla’s move to open its Supercharger network to other EVs is a welcomed change that will greatly benefit EV owners and help grow the EV market.

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