The CEO of Samsung has issued a formal apology to users in connection with the GOS scandal

by Ijlala Maqbool
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During the company’s annual shareholders meeting, Samsung VC and CEO Jong-Hee Han issued an official apology to Samsung users for the GOS app throttling fiasco. The CEO admitted that Samsung did not appreciate customer concerns and stated that the company would “listen to customers more closely to prevent such an issue from occurring again.”

To summarise, Samsung’s Game Optimizations Service (GOS) is pre-installed on the most recent Galaxy S smartphones and tablets, as well as some older flagship devices. The service was supposed to fine-tune system performance during gaming in order to increase battery life, but it was later discovered to throttle performance on up to 10,000 apps. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that users were not given the option to disable GOS by default. 

Furthermore, GOS appeared to exempt benchmarking apps like Geekbench from throttling.  As a result, Geekbench has removed the last four generations of Galaxy S flagships from its platform, as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 series. In South Korea, Samsung has already released a software update for the Galaxy S22 series that prevents CPU and GPU limitations caused by GOS. A similar update is expected for older Galaxy S flagship phones and tablets.

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