The Dial of the Old Ones Puzzle Solved | Learn How to

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Our quick guide helps you solve the confusing Dial of the Old One’s puzzle within minutes. Let’s dig in.

Total War: Warhammer 2 features a breathtaking narrative campaign that lets the gamer explore, fight, expand and conquer across a world of fantasy. It is a real-time strategy video game of fantastic proportions. You experience real-time strategy wars and civilization management with lots of troops at your command.

The incredible game is a sequel to the award-winning “Total War: Warhammer” and will soon be followed by Total War: Warhammer 3. It introduces five new playable races and two exciting campaigns: The Eye of Vortex and Mortal Empires.

Treasure Hunt – Dial of the Old One’s Puzzle

Total War: Warhammer 2 Treasure hunt, a new event in this game, allows the Legendary Lord to treasure hunt instead of colonizing a crumbling settlement. It opens up a window with a tricky puzzle that the player solves and gets an award.

And ‘dial of the old ones puzzle’ is one of such intriguing puzzles. The treasure hunts may be done on the land, in ruins, or ocean. The hunt in ruins brings around four different puzzles, and the old ones’ dial is one of them.

The dial of the Old One’s Solution

Base Puzzle

The figure below shows the base puzzle, and we are going to align the two dials properly to solve it. You need to mentally figure out what symbols the lines on the inner dial and middle ring will point towards if they were spun in the right direction.

dial of the old ones

Note that you can’t spin the dial or the disc inside the game, and it should be done mentally. However, I have done this outside the game in an image editor to guide you towards the solution.

Aligning the Central Dial

The inner disc of the dial of the old ones puzzle has a face on it. You need to mentally rotate it until the right side is up, i.e., the eyes are on the top, and the mouth is at the bottom.

dial of the old ones inner dial

Aligning the Middle Ring

Now the middle ring can be aligned so that all same-colored lines line-up. The middle ring in the dial of the old ones puzzle is properly oriented when the same color lines on the inner disc and the middle ring line up.

The Dial of the Old Ones Puzzle Solved | Learn How to

The blue lines in the dial of the old ones puzzle are properly spaced and give you the right answer once rotated properly. These lines connect to the center and point outwards towards some symbols.

Answer to the Dial of the Old One’s Puzzle

The solution is the set of these symbols that the blue lines point towards. As you know how to solve the dial of the old ones puzzle now, Gear up for the hunt, man!

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