The LG Velvet is now getting the Android 12 update

by Ijlala Maqbool

LG had officially announced its exit from the smartphone business in April of last year, followed by a halt in manufacturing activities at the end of May. 

It has been a while, but some of LG’s mobile division software engineers were apparently kept on the job, and what they have been working on was released today. We are talking about the LG Velvet’s Android 12 update. 

Seriously. This is now available in the company’s home market of Korea, and despite the vague forum post announcing it, the market leads us to believe we are talking about the Velvet 5G here, rather than the 4G model.

The update should begin rolling out today to however many Velvets are still in use in Korea, but as is customary, this could be a staged release that takes a few days (or even weeks) to reach all of the devices out there.

It is nice to see a dead company update to the latest version of Android while one of the most successful and victorious players in the mobile market thinks it is a good idea to launch new devices running Android 11 in 2022 (yes, Xiaomi/Redmi!).

That being said, do not expect any more Velvet updates.

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