The Magic Man by vivo X70 Pro: Bringing Out the Best of Emotions

by Nabeel Ejaz
The Magic Man by vivo X70 Pro: Bringing Out the Best of Emotions Image Name

As a leading technology brand, vivo has strived to offer ground-breaking technology in smartphones that allow consumers to unleash their creative potential. The brand recently launched an all-rounder smartphone, the X70 Pro, that incorporates a legendary camera co-engineered with ZEISS, a well-known manufacturer of optics and lenses. 

The Magic Man – Shot on vivo X70 Pro

To showcase X70 Pro’s capability, vivo collaborated with photographers and technology influencers to let them experience what the smartphone brings to the table. One such successful collaboration was with the renowned Pakistani director Soheb Akhtar.

With vivo, Soheb Akhtar created an incredibly touching short film titled ‘The Magic Man.’ He created this great short film entirely on the X70 Pro using unique creative angles, made the best use of various shooting techniques like pan, dolly, tilt, and zoom, and much more. When approached about the project, Soheb was highly impressed with the camera. He was eager to test the capabilities of the X70 Pro ZEISS T* Coating powered with vivo and ZEISS technology. He mentioned, “With X70 Pro, we were wondering if it could record an environment with complex light sources and under extremely dark backgrounds, but interestingly, the X70 Pro successfully showcased its camera potential by shooting in conditions that will test even the best of phones. I liked X70 Pro’s ZEISS T* Coating, which made it possible to shoot in low light conditions as it helps to enhance the transmission of visible light. The feature dramatically improves the camera performance in common light conditions to produce a more accurate shot and capture the scene so well, giving it an awe-inspiring frame while negating the unnecessary flares and ghosting to deliver Clarity and Perfection.

This Short Film is a beautiful piece of Art and Technology that features emotions from the actors and technicalities from the makers. While filming the scenes, Soheb mentioned, “The X70 Pro’s performance while shooting this film was much beyond our expectations, as it handled low light and Photography in motion admirably. The audience can feel the power behind it. Thus it’s important to capture the actual feelings.” 

To inspire future filmmakers and creative professionals, Soheb has gently, but wonderfully incorporated novel approaches into the film. The Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 provides a focus like never seen before. The film shots appeared so steady and accurate that they can be mistaken for a tripod making it highly sought after by professionals. “Tap the main subject on the phone’s screen to lock the exposure and focus. This will help in avoiding focus jumping.” Additionally, Pro Cinematic Mode maximizes the control and adjustment of various parameters, making it possible to create professional videos comparable to cinematic standards.

The director believes that the Ultra Sensing Gimble Camera with Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 is a revolutionary camera technology that makes it possible for anyone to capture such shots. It stabilizes the image, reducing blurs caused by movements, making it a perfect shot. In the BTS of the film, the camera can be seen handheld while shooting, showcasing the stabilization effect in play. As this little film so eloquently illustrates, a single phone is sufficient. 

Soheb intended to showcase the camera’s raw potential to an audience interested in videography or Photography. Expressing his happiness over the film, he stated, “Photography is not only an art form for a chosen few, but also a recreational activity for all of us. With the X70 Pro in your hands, everything is possible, and every attempt can result in a fantastic film. It can help you achieve your goals.” The short film has garnered a lot of great feedback and has had a lot of popularity on Facebook and YouTube. It made consumers realize that they don’t need expensive tools or technology to express their creativity. 

X70 Pro is the epitome of smartphone technology that features a revolutionary camera system through vivo’s research and the sheer experience of ZEISS. The camera features an Ultra Sensing Gimbal Camera, implemented through vivo’s customization of the Sony IMX766Vsensor. X70 Pro also comes with a 60X HyperZoom technology. It is a powerful smartphone that has turned the tables for camera technology in the smartphone market.

Witness the magic of vivo X70 Pro’s exceptional camera technology yourself:

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