The new Dimensity 8000 series chips will also be found in the Redmi K50 Pro, a OnePlus phone, and the Oppo K10 series

by Ijlala Maqbool

Realme revealed that the GT Neo3 will be the first to use the Dimensity 8100 chip shortly after MediaTek announced the Dimensity 8000 and 8100 chips. But it’s not the only phone vying for that honor; Xiaomi’s Lu Weibing claims that the Redmi K50 Pro will also be among the first.

The new K50-series models are expected to arrive later this month (at least the Pro and a vanilla model). The Redmi K50 Gaming is already available, and it is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. This is an interesting reversal, as the Dimensity 1200 was used in the K40 Gaming, while the Snapdragon 888 was used in the K40 Pro and K40 Pro+.

OnePlus is also interested in the Dimensity 8100 chip. The company did not provide any more information, but this is most likely for a new Nord model (the Nord 2 and Nord CE 2 use a Dimensity 1200 and 900, respectively). We’ve heard rumors that the Nord 2T will use the Dimensity 1300 (also announced today), but that could be the 8100 instead (or a different Nord)

There’s more: Oppo has announced that the Oppo K10 series will use the Dimensity 8000. The teaser technically says “8000 series,” so it could be referring to the 8100. 

According to MediaTek, the first smartphones with a Dimensity 8000 series chip will be available in Q1 of this year (and there is only March left of Q1).

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