The next version of Chrome will block autoplaying videos with sound

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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With the introduction of Chrome 64, Google has been allowing users to pause or stop the videos from auto-playing on specific websites.

But, the company has updated its policies, with Chrome 66 the company has added new criteria that direct when videos will be autoplay.

According to an unknown source, in the forthcoming version of Chrome, the company added few conditions that will be determined, before the media will be autoplay on the website.


For muting the studio, users will have to tap or click on the site during browsing as well as they will have to add the site to Home Screen by the user on mobile or they will have to repeatedly play the media on a particular site if they are using a desktop.

Apparently, Chrome 66 is in beta channel and it will be released in next few weeks. The feature of new autoplay restrictions will also be added in this version.

Chrome 66  will also display warnings according to the crashes that may be caused by the third party software inserting code and assassinates support for Symantec certificates.


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