The nubia Red Magic 7 has gone global, and the 7 Pro will follow in Q2 2022

by Ijlala Maqbool
The nubia Red Magic 7 has gone global, and the 7 Pro will follow in Q2 2022 Image Name

Nubia launched the Red Magic 7 series in China last week, and it is now bringing the Red Magic 7 to global markets and committing to deliver the Red Magic 7 Pro in the second quarter of 2022.

The nubia Red Magic 7 differs from its Chinese counterpart in one crucial way: it comes with 65W fast charging rather than 120W, but everything else remains the same.

Yes, that includes the obscenely generous 18GB RAM. The Red Magic 7’s 6.8″ AMOLED screen has 1080p resolution, 100 percent DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, and a refresh rate of 165Hz, with a touch sampling rate of up to 720Hz.

The phone is available in three memory configurations, each with its name and color. The most affordable model is the Obsidian, which comes in Black with 12GB RAM and 128GB storage. The cost is $629 / €629 / £529.

Then there’s the bright Blue-Red-Purple Pulsar, which has 16/256 GB of memory and costs $729 / €729 / £619 (approximately). With a slight increase in RAM, the 18/256 GB Supernova version with a semi-transparent back costs $799 / €799 / £679.

The Red Magic 7 will be available globally on March 10, when users in the following countries will be able to order the phone:

The British Isles

– Europe consists of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Republic of Cyprus, Czechia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, and Malta.

– North America consists of Canada and the United States.

– Asia Pacific countries include Australia, Hong Kong (China Special Administrative Region), Indonesia, Macau (China Special Administrative Region), the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore.

– Middle Eastern countries include Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

– Latin America includes Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

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