The World’s First Unhackable Processor

Unhackable Processor

In the United States, numerous researcher from the University of Michigan proclaimed that they have developed the World’s first unhackable processor. They named this processor as MORPHEUS.

The researchers claimed that this MORPHEUS has the ability of processing data encryption really fast.

The algorithm used in this processor has a faster rate, which means that hacker does not have time to act. Therefore, it is more secure as compared to all other processors available in the market.

Back in 2018, a large number of vulnerabilities were reported in the processors of Intel and AMD.

You might know about numerous popular flaws like Specter, Meltdown, PortSmash, and Spoiler have made the researchers develop a processor for solving flaws.

Todd Austin led a group of researchers designed a processor, which is capable of blocking attacks on the device processor.

For combating the malicious attacks, this processor has the ability to change certain aspects of its architecture completely and randomly.

Therefore, an attacker has no clue on how to access the main functionality accurately. The best part is that MORPHEUS uses fewer resources and is really quick in performing jobs in the meantime.

The scientists claim that MORPHEUS changes numerous components of its codes known as “undefined semantics”.

This component basically declares the size, content of the program code and the location. Therefore, in any case, if the attacker aims to use this data, which changes frequently, then he/she will not be able to judge the main point.

Due to which, this data changes within 50ms interval. The rate of the rendering of the code is much higher than that of any other processor available in the market.

Which makes this processor more powerful than numerous modern and powerful hacking techniques being used in the latest processors.

For now, the MORPHEUS architecture is installed temporarily in a processor having RISC-V architecture. RISC-V is an open source chip, researchers use it in the development of different prototypes.

The processor combats the “Control-Flow” attacks, known as one of the aggressive methods used by hackers all around the world.

And, it successfully bears the hardcore attacks easily. Obviously, this impaired processor architecture is really important in system resources.

Although, scientists claim that the cost of this processor may vary accordingly. As it depends on the purpose, for which it can be used for, including attack detector.