A Country That Has Just 28 Websites Is North Korea

by Adeel Younas
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The total number of .com and .net domains over the internet is more than 140 million, there are millions of others of domain .cn and .de so on and so forth.

However, when it comes to North Korea, things are quite opposite.  The country seems not to be a huge fan of the internet and the world wide web.

Recently, by mistake, the country misconfigured its server, it contains a list that includes information of all the domains that exist in the country. The misconfiguration gave everybody the access to get the list, now it’s out!
Number of registered domains in North Korea is just 28, according to the leaked data. Some of these sites are not accessible due to considerably high traffic.
Who own these sites?

  • Ownership:

Most of these websites are owned by government, one of them belongs to country’s national airlines and one site is operated by state news agency.

  • A Facebook Clone found in North Korea:

A hacker community has been able to reach some other websites, one of them was a social networking site, with a limited usage. According to the hackers this is much like a clone or a copy of Facebook. However, its usage and access is limited in public. There are lot of restrictions and surveillance.



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