There’s no ‘backdoor’ in WhatsApp

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Whatsapp users were forced into a depression Friday morning after the new report claimed the services has a backdoor that will allow the messages and information to be encrypted.

According to the cryptography experts and WhatsApp say that claim is false — users will still use the Whatsapp without any fear, this claim is false and messages are secure.

A report from the Guardian said the “security backdoor” could allow WhatsApp or government detect to prevent messages.

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As from the security researcher who the Guardian cited called it a vulnerability (not a backdoor). In an April blog post, Tobias Boulter was told that how WhatsApp’s security design could possibly allow anyone to intercept messages by pretending to be a recipient.

WhatsApp encrypts messages on devices. So when a message is delivered to a recipient who new phone or does not installed the app, the message are saved in the form of backup. When the recipient installed the app and activate the app then these messages were received after the activation of the app.

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An attacker will hack the intercept backed up messages by working with Facebook (FB, Tech30) (which owns WhatsApp) to change the recipient, or by covering the recipient by activation of a new device with the recipient’s  phone number.

According to Zaki Manian:

“We’re talking about a choice in design that both iMessage and WhatsApp have made, But it potentially creates a way in which you could potentially intercept one message.”

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The spokesperson said:

“The design decision referenced in the Guardian story prevents millions of messages from being lost, and WhatsApp offers people security notifications to alert them to potential security risks,”

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