This Two Terabyte Flash Drive Packs More Storage Than a MacBook

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For those who desire to easily misplace the two terabytes worth of photos, videos, MP3, and other important notes or documents, Nowadays Kingston launched a 3 inch USB flash drive for the storage of data and this is fully relative to the MacBook Pro.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) flash drive isn’t microscopic but it also relatively to the external backup drive and its is more reliable and pocket-friendly where you can easily travel with that USB flash drive.

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USB 3.0 drive will be launched with the massive price tag with the terabytes of storage also cover with the tough zinc-alloy metal casing and easily recover at sub-zero temperatures all the way down to 40 below zero, and secure your all data to a roasting 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

This USB flash that was launched by the Kingston is best ever flash drive where you can store a lot of data and fully specification with the MacBook Pro.

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