Top 5 AI Portrait Generators to Create AI Portraits from Text or Photos

by Farrukh Moin Alvi
Lensa Top AI Portrait Generators

Are you curious about the latest trend in social media – AI avatars? Do you want to effortlessly turn your selfies into works of art? Are you struggling to create a captivating portrait of your characters? Find no more! This article serves as your ultimate guide to exploring the top 5 AI portrait generators. Each of these platforms offers a distinctive and captivating approach to transforming your text or photos into stunning AI-generated masterpieces. Get ready to be amazed!

5 Best AI Portrait Generators to Create Awesome Portraits Online

1. Artguru – Generate AI Avatar from Your Selfies Online

Artguru Best AI Portrait Generators

First, we have Artguru AI avatar generator on our list. This is a cutting-edge online platform that has the advanced ability to generate AI avatars from your own selfie. Artguru analyzes your facial features, expressions, and unique characteristics using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create a personalized and lifelike AI avatar. And since it is an online platform, you can access it from any device, including your Android or iOS smartphones, and Windows, Linux, or macOS PCs. 

Choose the styles and upload your selfie to the platform, Artguru will then analyze the image and generate dozens of AI avatars that reflect your appearance and desired style. 

2. Pica AI – Generate AI Portrait from Text 

PicaAI Best AI Portrait Generators

Next, if you have an imagination and would like to be unleashed into an artwork, then Pica AI image generator best suits you. PICA is a creative platform that allows you to unleash your creativity by generating AI portraits from text. 

With it, you can bring your written portrayals to life and transform them into lifelike portraits that capture the essence of your imagination. Pica offers a unique and captivating experience for artists, writers, and simply any art enthusiasts. The process of generating an AI portrait begins by inputting your descriptive text into the Pica AI platform. For instance, “watercolor painting of a woman sitting in a landscape, snowing, sharpen”. Once input, you can also customize your artwork by selecting the offered style and ratio, as well as the negative prompt. If you wish for a random artwork, then simply tap on the generate button. Pica AI will generate your portrait.

By the way, other than the online platform, Pica AI is also available in-app version, which can generate an AI avatar directly. 

3. Lensa – Generate and edit AI Portrait

Lensa Top AI Portrait Generators

Unlike Pica AI or Artguru AI art generator that are available online, Lensa requires you to download the app from either Play Store or App Store. At its core, Lensa is a comprehensive tool that harnesses the power of deep learning algorithms to analyze and understand the intricate details of a portrait.

This is a professional editing tool that can focus on your body where you decide. Specifically,  it can detect your facial features, skin tone, lighting conditions, and other key elements (e.g. remove blemishes, apply beauty filters, etc), enabling you to generate highly realistic and visually appealing enhancements. 

Just like any other editing tool, simply upload your selfies and customize your portraits in the app.  Lensa can do it all with just a few clicks.

4. PortraitAI – Generate Classic AI Portrait 

PortraitAI Top AI Portrait Generators

PortraitAI is a little different than the previous platforms. By combining the prowess of AI algorithms and deep learning techniques, this platform specializes in generating the 18th-century classic portrait. 

It is known for creating realistic portraits that bear an uncanny resemblance to masterpieces of renowned artists. These styles may include Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Mona Lisa, and others.

This tool is available in two versions, including online and app. You can get the app from App Store and Play Store. Both of the features are pretty much the same, but of course, you can enjoy more from the app. 

5. PFPMaker – Generate Professional Headshots

PFPMaker Top AI Portrait Generators

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a professional profile to display, then you should try PFPMaker. PFPMaker is a online tool designed to generate professional headshots with ease. By utilizing its advanced AI technology, you can transform any ordinary photos into stunning headshots that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

It offers more than 200 styles for you to choose as well as high-quality images. So, whether you need headshots for your business profile (.e.g Linkedin), business website, or social media platforms, PFPMaker is the right tool to control your professional images. 

The only downside of this platform is, it is a paid-service platform. You are required to pay a fee before using it. 


In conclusion, the world of AI portrait generators has opened up a realm of endless possibilities for artists, photographers, and art enthusiasts alike. 

With these top AI portrait generators, you can explore the convergence of technology and art in truly remarkable ways. Simply choose one of these platforms according to your needs. For text-prompt, use PICA AI; For converting AI images, use Artguru; For converting and editing images, use Lensa; For classic portraits, use PortraitAI; and For professional portraits, use PFPMaker. Good luck on using it!

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