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by Farrukh Moin Alvi
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fast internet speed 2017

Technological advancements changed the world the way it was never before from Agriculture to Communication; almost everything is altered to satisfy the comfort level of human beings. Do you know there is one core thing which is the base of all of these improvements? Yes, you are right; it is the thing you are using right now to read our article “The Internet.” Let’s see Top Countries with the Fastest Internet in the World.

There are two important metrics in bandwidth allocation. The download and upload speed also denoted as inbound and outbound data speed, respectively.

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Why Internet Speed Matters?

Our culture continues moving toward becoming an utterly online society. Entertainment content, like movies, TV shows, music, and sports, is widely consumed from Internet-based sources. The growth of e-commerce has led to banking and shopping to increasingly done using online providers. Social networks and gaming are just two other pastimes that either require or thrive on Internet access.

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Top 5 Countries with the Fastest Internet in the World

Here is a list of the top five countries that have the fastest internet speed in the world

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong tops the list with a peak internet speed of broadband connection in this country, showing an average of 54.1 Mbps across services. It only takes 83 seconds to download one high definition (HD) movie.

2. South Korea

After Hong Kong, South Korea recorded the second-fastest average internet speed of 48.8 Mbps. At this speed, you can download HD quality movies in just 92 seconds.

3. Japan

Japan came in third with a peak download speed of 42.2 Mbps and can download one HD movie in 106 seconds.

4. Latvia

At fourth position is Latvia, wherein the average internet speed of connection in this country is 37.5 Mbps. It takes only two minutes to download one HD movie.

5. Romania

With the best facility of internet, Romania comes in at fifth place with an average internet speed of 37.4 Mbps and a download speed of two minutes to copy one HD movie.

If you are unsure of how these speeds are measured, some websites provide users with the facility to calculate their internet with speedtest features and, at the end of the year, show overall results.

These were the top 5 countries with the fastest internet speed in the world during 2017. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the article. If you have any opinion, do share it in the comment section below.


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