These Are Top Discord Themes 2021

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These Are Top Discord Themes 2021

Let’s explore the top Discord Themes and enhance the App’s aesthetics.

So, you think changing a Discord theme would be as simple as changing one in your smartphone? Well, it’s not that simple because  Discord does not support themes, for now. You can only switch between the light and dark themes.

Top Discord Themes

So, for using a theme of your choice, you first need to install Better Discord, a modified version of Discord. The app lets you get nice plugins and themes but violates Discord’s Terms of Service, and you can get your account banned for that.

Rest assured! If you don’t use any unknown plugins and stick to changing themes and backgrounds with Better Discord, the original Discord won’t cause any problem. Let’s first check the installation process.

How to Install Better Discord?

Follow these steps to get the Better Discord app.

  1. Open

2. Hit the big Download button.

download better discord

3. From the GitHub page, choose your OS version.

4. After clicking, the download starts.

5. Go through the setup and run Better Discord.

run better discord

How to apply a theme in Discord?

It’s easy. Follow these steps to download your favorite theme.

  1. Go to Better Discord themes library.

2. Pick your favorite theme.

3. Hit the Download button.

Follow these steps to install your Better Discord theme.

  1. Launch Better Discord.

2. Open User Settings.

These Are Top Discord Themes 2021

3. Go to Themes under BandagedBD.

4. Click on Open Theme Folder.

These Are Top Discord Themes 2021

5. Copy and paste the downloaded theme into the folder.

6. Hit Ctrl+R to refresh. The theme will appear after refreshing.

Top 5 Discord Themes

Let’s explore some of the best Discord themes that are loved by millions. You’ll love them too. Scroll on.

1. The Black Hole Theme

The theme’s aesthetics are mesmerizing and make you feel like you are watching a starry sky or gazing into space. The theme was created by MonsterDev and is loved by thousands of Better Discord users.

The theme is best for the night owls who love the dark modes. Sneak peek at the gorgeous theme.

top Discord themes black hole

2. Great Mountain Site Theme

The theme portrays a mountain site view with a full moon sneaking from behind the mountains. The colors are soothing, and the view is relaxing. The theme is created by DevilsLynAvenged and has reached about 15 thousand downloads. See how it looks.

top discord theme great mountain site

3. The Frosted Glass Theme

The gorgeous theme lets you view any image of your choice in a frosted glass style. You’ll feel as if you see the image through frosted glass. It’s one of the best BANDAGED BD Discord themes developed by Gibbu.

With over 78k downloads, the theme is very popular. It shrinks the UI of Discord, and the result is a beautiful view. You can replace the default image with any other image from the CSS file of the theme. That’s how it looks:

These Are Top Discord Themes 2021

4. The Reborn Theme

Here is another appealing theme from MonsterDev that focuses on user customization. You can customize the color accents, fonts, backgrounds, and a lot more.

It has over 24k downloads, and the reason for this popularity is the flexibility it provides to the users. Check the way it looks:

top discord themes reborn theme

5. The Horizontal Server List Theme

Here is another exceptionally pleasing and polished theme by Gibbu. The theme moves the server list from the left side to the top of the screen. The theme is quite popular with its 9k downloads.

An interesting thing about the theme is that you can use it with other themes as well. For example, if we pair the Horizontal Server List theme with The Frosted Glass Theme, that’s how it looks like:

The Horizontal Server List Theme

Some other top Discord themes include The Sunset theme, The Wonderful and Green Forest theme, The Elysia theme, Nocturnal theme, ClearVision theme, Midnight UI theme, and Server Columns theme.

As for me, none other can replace The Frosted Glass Theme!

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