Top 3 Shopping Websites for Women in Pakistan

With the advent of 3G and 4G internet access to the masses, there has been a boom in the online purchasing activity in Pakistan. As a result, dozens of online shopping portals started to emerge as they saw a market gap with potential growth. People in Pakistan are becoming increasingly aware of the effectiveness of online shopping thus embracing it in their daily lives.
Even though the eCommerce industry in Pakistan needs to go a long way; due to the rapid progress being done, everyone surely sees a bright future for it.

Despite the growth in online stores, there are still few websites which only caters to the women’s needs and wants.

In this article, a list of top three shopping websites for women, in no particular order, have been short listed which offers a considerable amount of products for women and is popular among them.

1. Popular for Women Fashion is a women eccentric online store offering imported quality women’s lingerie in Pakistan. Founded by Dr. Shazia Lone, it claims to “serve women of all shapes, sizes, tastes and budgets.” The products that are listed in the website include a comprehensive list of different types of bras and panties. There is also a variety in nightwear collection, comfort wear including camisoles and leggings etc. as well as shape wear and swimming suits. It also offers not only bras but also accessories associated with inner wear under the accessories categories. Under the return and exchange policy, they claim that customers can return their products within 7 days of purchase, without questions asked. Conditions being that everything should be intact. Free shipping is offers on Rs. 2000/- and above of total order. They rely on Leopard as their courier partner and delivers across country.

The most striking feature that you will notice when you visit the website is the Plus Size category. Such a specific category is quite rare in online retail stores let alone online marketplaces in Pakistan. Another striking feature is that, along with a few petite sized models, the website mostly showcases normal and full figured models. In a country like Pakistan where majority middle aged women are categorized as plus size, it is appreciable to see that some business actually pay heed to the needs of their target market. Further, the online shopping portal also provides All-female customer service through which women customers are encouraged to get advice on right sizes and style. With such personalized features for women, no wonder this website is popular among them. With more emphasize on marketing, this website can surely make marked ripples in the market.

2. Online Shopping Store For Ladies is an online marketplace where a vast range of products and categories are being offered, for both men and women. For women they offer clothing, accessories, footwear, beauty care products as well as kitchen appliances. They basically provide a platform to local entrepreneurs and sellers to register themselves on the website in order to showcase their products without any investment charge.

With big discount offers and sale, they manage to attract a large customer base.
The website caters to over 60 cities and towns in Pakistan and the courier service are using sellers’ choice including TCS, Leopard, Blue-Ex etc.

As a Pakistan based website, encourages unknown seller who have been confined to Facebook and instagram as a means of advertising, to be recognized in an online website. With their reasonable prices, many women tend to buy from here.
Due to lack of original brands, there are many copied women products being sold. Thus there may be skepticism about their quality and reliability among women. Moreover, there is not much variety as well.

3. Known For Jewlery And Women Clothing Shopping is another women centric online shopping portal in Pakistan. It offers a variety of women’s products including jewelry, clothing, lingerie as well as bags and sunglasses. Their brand name is Tesoro Accessories, which is a fashion retail brand with multiple outlets across Pakistan. Recently they have launched their online website as where they offer the same product range as in their offline stores. All their products are in house thus close monitoring is done in terms of quality and quantity of stock. They provide free shipping service across Pakistan through their courier partner TCS. Their exchange policy includes a standard within 7 days exchange with a few conditions.

They offer after sales service to all their products at any point after purchase. Their strict no return policy is something which may repel certain customers.

Article is Written by Zaheer Mughal