Ad-free Torrent SkyTorrents Went Offline: Here’s Why

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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The ad-free and privacy-focused torrent website”SkyTorrents” is now a casualty of its success. With over millions of page views every day, the website has been too expensive to handle, leaving no other choice to the owner. Individuals that are interested in the 15 million torrent database of the site is now able to grab a copy before it disappears for good.

“The website will stay ad-free, or it’ll shut down. We’ll go for donations when our funds dry up.”

SkyTorrents Shared Massive Torrent Database and Went Offline

In these words turned out to be prophetic. It did not take long until SkyTorrents had a few million page views every day. This could be music to the ears of website owners, but for SkyTorrents it was an issue.


According to a TorrentFreak report, SkyTorrent owners’ difficulties started when they began getting millions of page views each day. This pushed on their traffic bill a month to approximately $ 1,500.

With the increase in traffic, the server bills also soared. This meant that the ad-free search engine had to cough up roughly $1,500 per month, which is quite an expensive hobby. The site tried to cover at least part of the costs with donations but that didn’t help much either., Reported by TorrentFreak 

That did not help much, although the owners chose to pay the costs with the support of contributions. By the report, the site users began encouraging them to start serving ads as advertisements are necessary once you don’t have a subscription or payment model this made sense.

Unlike what others might have done, the SkyTorrent owners chose to shut down things following their funds dried up. The torrent enthusiasts should search for SkyTorrents alternatives.

But, does this mean all of the data on the website? No, that is not the case. Anyone use it to host the cache or can download it.

There are a lot of websites. We have also prepared a list of the top 10 torrent sites on the internet. Please be aware that they aren’t ad-free, so don’t expect a browsing experience that is perfect.


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